Sunday, June 06, 2010

I've been searching for two years for rainbow moonstone beads like this, and I finally found some - YAY! This is exactly the tree that I have been dreaming about for two years. It feels magical to behold.

This is why moonstone is called moonstone!

The beautiful patina that you see in the tree above is from oxidizing with black salt and hand polishing. This is the first tree pedant that I have oxidized, and I'm loving it! Here is what this tree looked like before being oxidized:

Normally I craft my moon trees with mother of pearl, which is generally not safe to oxidize, but now that I have this wonderful moonstone I do believe I will be using a lot more black salt in the future.

How to Oxidize Silver Using Black Salt:

1. fill an old coffee mug 3/4 with water,
2. microwave until boiling,
3. dump about a tablespoon of black salt into the hot water and stir,
4. dip your clean silver piece/s into the hot solution,
5. keep dipping and soaking until the desired color is achieved,
6. clean and polish your piece.

* Use in a well ventilated and use gloves.

Sweet Dreams,


Inky said...

I like your trees,
I looking at your videos on YouTube.

Look at my blog, there is a surprise for you! ;-)

From hungary!

EireCrescent said...

I looooooove the oxidized tree!! It's so beyond gorgeous! Thanks for the info on how to oxidixe too by the way, I have been wondering how it's been done for a while now!!

Oh, and I just added you in my circle on Etsy!
Keep up the awesome work!

blackdamon said...

is there a way that i can buy this one?? its incredybly beautiful and my girl friend would love it so i hope there is a way

Ellen said...

Thanks, Blackdamon. I do have these trees available for purchase in my Etsy shop: