Monday, September 10, 2012

Eco Friendlier

I am currently working on a line of the eco-friendliest jewelry that I can make at this time. Using wood from fallen branches and cuttings, as well as bits and pieces of vintage scrap, I am finding that not only can I make beautiful pendants but I can also create art with deep symbolism of environmental awareness. I hope that you enjoy look at as much as I enjoy crafting these!

Recycled Sterling Silver & Grapefruit Tree Wood

The wood in this pendant comes from a piece of a grapefruit tree branch that was pruned for the health of the tree. 

 Recycled Sterling Silver & Redbud Tree Wood

The wood in this pendant comes from a piece of a redbud tree branch that fell naturally.

  "Once in a Blue Moon" Vintage Button Tree Pendant

I found this beautiful little vintage button at a second hand shop that is run by our local hospice. So not only is it a ecofriendly tree, it also helped a good charity. I wish that they had more than one of these buttons available, but alas, it was intended to be a "once in a blue moon" tree!

Bakelite Backgammon Tree of Life

Bakelite is an early plastic that was created to resemble tree resin. It was expensive to make, so it stopped being produced in the 1950s. Besides being expensive to produce, another problem is that it does not biodegrade. Bakelite is here to stay with us forever, and it is rather pretty after all, so I figured it might be nice to wrap a tree around some old bakelite game pieces. The tree here is hugging an old bakelite backgammon chip from the 1940s. 

 Bakelite Poker Chip Tree of Life

The tree here is hugging an old bakelite poker chip from the 1940s. Although it looks black most of the time, it is actually a very dark green. The next photo shows what this pendant looks like when help up to the light!

Vintage Wood Backgammon Chip Tree

I found a beautiful set of olf abandoned wood backgammon checkers and just had to wrap trees around them. I do not know how old these are, but I am guessing that they are not too old because they tested negative for lead. Old varnish tends to have lead in it.

Local Jade Collected, Not Mined, Using a Biodiesel Helicopter!

The title says it all! I wish that I could get a constant supply of this beautiful ecofriendly and fair trade stone, but I'll take what I can get and be on the lookout for more! 

Have a beautiful day!

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