Saturday, May 30, 2009

What I did this month:

- opened my Etsy shop
- added 60+ items to my Etsy shop
- finally made a banner I like
- made most of these 60+ items (about 45 or so)
- learned as much as I could about Etsy by immersing myself into the culture (lots of fun!)
- tagged the photos in my flickr account that I wish to be found in searches
- locked the pictures that I do not wish to be seen by customers in my flickr account
- researched marketing (among other things)
- started Facebook page for my jewelry
- started blog (that I've been neglecting, sadly)

Goals for next month:

- figure out how to get noticed on google search
- try out
- place ads at craftcult and craftopolis...anywhere else?
- work on my blog
- work on logo art
- renew biz license
- continue adding new items
- and, of course, make more jewelry. I have several new ideas I wish to try out...

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