Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm laughing because the last time I posted here was three years ago! It's the same thing with Etsy. I opened my Etsy account several years ago but only just opened my store. I'm nearly almost behind the times, but I think I can catch up.

So here I am launching my business full throttle at a time when everyone's sales are slow. I'm not going to let this small fact discourage me, however. It is true that the market is saturated with jewelry, but it is not saturated with *my* jewelry. It is not saturated with lovingly crafted reclaimed precious metal with hand selected natural stones. It is not saturated with jewelry that has inner as well as outer beauty. It is not saturated with my love.

My plan from here on out is to use this blog as a place to chronicle my adventures with metal and stone. I may write up some tutorials. I may feature other artisans. We'll see how it goes. I'm also on Facebook, where I will share pictures of completed pieces, but this is the place where I will let my true jewelry geek shine. Welcome.



lostsentiments said...

Great start! :0) even if it's after three years ;0). I'm new to Etsy and blogging and I haven't much of a clue what I'm doing on either lol. Your work looks delicate and lovely! Awesome nest! :0)


ethora said...

Thank you so much, Dawn! Your Etsy name looks familiar. Perhaps I have seen you in the Etsy forums.

Etsy is fun, I'm loving it so far!